Design, ergonomics
and features

The ELEMENT® range from SCELL-IT® includes manual or battery-powered installation tools, providing complete metal assembly and fastening solutions to users.

Unique design, ergonomics and functionalities, developed by SCELL-IT® to improve the daily life of users,

make these ranges of tools immediately recognizable and have become a known brand for reliability and ease-of-use.

The ELEMENT® E-5, E-6 and E-7, E-T riveters and the E-8 and E-12 crimpers provide powerful, cutting-edge and optional solutions to the needs of professionals in the industry, and have become a good alternative to pneumatic tools.

The E-005 and E-008 are two new power tools in the range that provide alow-cost and easy alternative for professionals, who have until now used manual hand pliers to set rivets or rivet nuts.

ELEMENT® by SCELL-IT® are also introducing revolutionary new installation tools.

For instance - the E-007 and E-007-T are the world's first battery powered tools for setting hollow wall anchors (type "Spyder" or "Spyder Plus" from Scell-it or other brands such as Molly®) which can be installed using effortless battery power - easily - for a guaranteed quality result!