our commitments

Scell-it is committed to its environmental and sustainable responsibilities.
Our approach involves four main strategies:

Reducing our environmental impact

Let's be honest, even if ESSBOX SYSTEM® has a positive impact on hundreds of thousands of tradesmen every day, the impact of our activity on the planet is not neutral. The extraction of raw materials and the production processes of our steel screws represent 92.7%* of our total carbon footprint. We must therefore concentrate our efforts to ensure that each screw, each fastener produced is put to good use. By guaranteeing the use of all the parts of each box, the ESSBOX SYSTEM® helps to reduce waste as much as possible... and thus reduces our carbon footprint.

Internally, Scell-it is committed to sorting and recycling all its waste . We also consult with our factories and service providers to reduce the waste generated by its activities and we are working on the elimination, in the medium term, of single-use plastic in our packaging.

Scell-it after-sales tools are repaired and donated rather than destroyed. Particular attention is also given to reducing travel: favoring train travel, encouraging soft means of transport, organizing videoconferences
if appropriate, raising awareness of eco-driving and allowing working
from home.

* * Source: Analysis of the carbon footprint of ESSVE activities carried out by the DGE firm.
The relevant stages of scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the protocol governing greenhouse gases have been taken into account.

Fulfillment at work

Contribute to better health / safety by limiting the weight of our carton boxes, by training in emergency actions, gestures and postures at workstations, road risks, etc.

Promote the well-being of employees by offering them a pleasant working environment on a daily basis: hybrid work, flex office, brightness and comfort of premises, coworking spaces, friendly relaxation areas, gym, table football, console, etc.

Yoga classes are given 3 times a week to volunteers at the head office, helping to relax muscles, strengthen joints, find more energy in the day, better sleep, reduce stress and promote concentration.

The quality requirement

The quality requirement is the foundation of our success. It extends throughout the company: from the design and continuous improvement of products, to after-sales service, through the skills of our employees and the selection of our partners, to push a little further every day. , your satisfaction and that of your customers.

A voluntary global Quality approach, supported by ISO9001 Certification (2015 version) since 2016, places you at the heart of our organization, to ensure total satisfaction. Scell-it products, from the most standard to the most innovative, come from certified factories and their traceability is guaranteed.

Scell-it products, from the most standard to the most innovative, come from certified factories and their traceability is guaranteed.

The local contribution

Scell-it manufactures its products as close as possible to raw materials, and we package our products as close as possible to our markets.

Long-term partnerships with sheltered workshops or local professional reintegration allow Scell-it to develop its social and societal commitment, by acting for the inclusion of women and men on their way to employment.

When you buy a Scell-it product, you are investing in the local and national economic network.

Advanced production technologies

Scell-it invests in the development of its products and molds, as well as in production tools. Certified factories, high-tech automated machines, specialized labour, flexibility, rigorous quality controls… This strategy ensures perfect control of the quality of our range of tools and fasteners.